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Ekta Renu Chandna post- graduated from Bharati Vidyapeeth University with a degree in Marketing. She is a day-dreamer and has a habit of conjuring up stories in her mind. Invisible girlfriend, her debut book is also a #1 Amazon Best Seller book.

Ekta Renu Chandna was a shy and Introvert girl during her school days. Being introvert has helped her in blooming her interest in the books. Since school days. She has flourished a huge passion in books and especially the fiction once. Thus, she has always been fond of Reading fiction and novels. During her school days, Ekta Renu Chandna has been gifted with a creative mind. Thus whenever she reads or watch a fiction play. Her creative mind always worked simultaneously. Which has always inspired her to thought about the creative and divergent part of those stories.


By observing her passion towards books. Ekta Renu Chandna younger sister has gifted her kindle during her graduation days from Bharati Vidhyapeeth University. Form that day Ekta renu chandna life shaped around from becoming a normal Indian Girl to an inspiring Author.

Ekta Renu Chandna life motivation and inspiration has been her parents. Thus the author has made a determination to write first ever debut book on her parents life.

Most of Ekta Renu Chandna fan isn’t aware of the fact that she has written her first book on her parents but never published it. Being a shy and hesitating person Ekta Renu Chandna had kept the book in unpublished in her dresser.

But as we say that “If you are passionate about something, then you definitely find the right path of exploring your passion” Ekta Renu Chandna interest in the books has gained a vast turn. Which made her starting of the journey in her life as an book author.

Ekta Renu chandna has been a creative and imagination enthusiastic person from a young age. Thus she has always wanted to become a writer of a fiction love story. That was the time when there was the new beginning of a chapter in her life named as “Invisible Girlfriend”

Being a fiction book lover Ekta Renu Chandna has read many famous fiction stories during her Graduation days but she gets inspired to write a fiction love story after reading Twilight.

Twilight is one of those books in her life. That inspired her in showing love and affection towards the Fiction Story and also to portray the beautiful thoughts and Love stories on paper as a book.

She has first tried to experiment with some of her instances of invisible girlfriend online as short stories to have audience reaction towards the storyline. As we say “ It just take right time and effort to change Dreams into Reality”.

She has received an amazing response starting from the beginning first week of her publication of short stories online.

Thus this has inspired her to wrote and Publish her first ever book as a Fiction Story “Invisible Girlfriend”. According to Ekta Renu Chandna “ The book Invisible girlfriend is inspired by her dreams”.

Ekta Renu Chandna book “Invisible Girlfriend” is also a #1 Amazon Best Seller in contemporary fiction.

The book has been listed in some of the world class book Websites like, Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, infibeam, goodread, shopclues, Barns and noble and snapdeal. She has also been recognized as best seller book in several months of her Publication online.


“The world calls us Dreamers but we are once who don’t sleep”

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