Top 5 websites for reading and purchasing novels

Romantic novels are one of the best novels in the world to read out. This one is especially when it comes to reading any fiction novels online. There are many famous authors and books who has been awarded and has been one top of the list in term of being a fiction novel.
My own fiction novel Invisible Girlfriend has been ranking on the top of the list. Most of the readers get confused that which website is better or have the best quality deal in term reading a novel online. Thus here to wipe out the confusion. Here is the list of top 5 websites for reading and purchasing novels.

5. Amazon

We all know that Amazon is one of the biggest brand websites online for books. The kind of fiction and other books collection amazon holds is simply a show to watch. Thus amazon has a huge market for book lovers online.
There are weekly and monthly offers also launched by amazon for book lover. Which help them keeping more and more engaged with the books. So if you are also willing to shop on Amazon and fond of reading books online. Then you can surely try amazon

4. Flipkart

Another one of the biggest website in India is the famous Flipkart. Being ranked as one of highest grossing online shopping website online. Having a huge Indian market online. The Flipkart has been one of the best website for Indian to read fiction or other kind of books online.
Being one of the highly ranked websites online. The flipkart has been able to get a huge market online. Thus reading books from flipkart with affordable rates is kind a deal that book lover would regret to miss out.

3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal has been amongst the largest online book selling websites. Being one of the biggest online e-commerce portals in India. Snapdeal hits millions of visitors every day. Thus snapdeal has been one of the trusted and best website online for the purchase of books and other stuff.
So if you are the book reader and loves to go through a different kind of book. Then you would definitely love the collection of snapdeal in books. Snapdeal always launches an offer on sale of the month.

2. Goodreads

Goodreads is one of the largest and biggest readers and books recommendations. Goodreads is one of the highest grossing websites online. Which has been launched in 2007. The community is having more than 75 million and more than 2.2 Billion with more than 77 million reviews online. The number are pretty much enough to show the kind of strength and level Goodreads holds in the book community online.
Thus Goodreads is one of the best for having a huge collection of books online. There are many famous books of some of the finest authors In the world.

1. Zorba book

Zorba books is not that much old website in book but the website has been one of the finest once in term of being a book selling website. The website has been created 6 years ago. The website has been one of the biggest website for Indian authors. The website give chance to the authors to have their marketing and promotions for the book. .


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