How to write a book content

The toughest part of writing a book isn’t about getting it published but it’s all about writing the content. So in this article, I am offering you 10 reasons that you can help you write a book.

As I am an author and has also been experienced in the writing industry.  I as a writer can tell you just a simple matter of fact that books can’t be written in a day or in a week. It takes time and efforts to write even a piece of paper of a book.  It like you have to invest your knowledge and imagination to make a book completed like a story.

It has been a long time since I have been in the book industry and my experience has made me realize that how difficult it has been for an author to complete a book. The kind of dedication and expectations it takes to complete a book.

If we observe the part of the book writing its somehow seems likes a never-ending or impossible task at the beginning of my career as an author. But then later I have learned all the different kind of skill set and knowledge required to complete a book.

How to get started with a book

If you are worried about writing a book or stuck in book writing. Then don’t worry I am here to help you out!! Being an experienced book writer it has taken me huge study and knowledge to know about the basic fundamentals of writing and publishing a book.

There are many different kinds of the process involved in book writing.  But one of the main and fundamental processes in book writing is that every author or beginner must know is that there are a different kind of phases of writing books like


You have to start writing a blog it’s a seems like a really oblivious task to get completed. But you have to decide the book on the process of what you are going to mention and in the book and what will be your beginning phases or chapters of that book. That will help you to shape up your story and imagination in book writing.

Stay motivated

Once you start writing a book. You will face thousands of obstacles during writing. Thus its really important to stay motivated and focus towards book writing. So always try to be motivated and have a believe that you are going on a right path. This would help you’re to be motivated for a longer time


Most of the people don’t care about the story in the middle of the book. A book has been defined by the kind of ending the book has done.  Thus, its really important to keep an ending that would define your book story. The ending part is something that most of the readers love to concentrate. So its really important to make your book reading part more interesting so that it can attract more and more readers towards the book.

Here are some of the crucial step you must know before start writing a book

Decide the book Topic

One of the most crucial parts of writing a book is to have the selection of the topic. You must be clear on which topic you want to write the book or which is your story and how it is going to begin and end.

There are many people who start writing a book with a huge passion but then end up getting zero results. This is due to having a lack of concept and focus on the topic of the story in which they are willing to write the book. So its really important to be clear about the topic in which you are going the write the book.

Set word Counts

It’s really important to be regular and focused on book writing. As we all know that book are not something that can be written overnight or without any continuous flow. So it’s really vital for having a flow for writing a book.

So remember whenever you are writing a book. You must take care of the word limit of the book.

The count of the word in the book help in rectifying the kind of process by which our book can be completed. As an author, if you are beginning in the book writing. Then you can start by writing about 300 words per day.

Set a time limit to work on the book

Goals are everything for book writing or completing anything on time in life. So to make a success In book writing you must try to be the focus and also should set a time limit for writing a book.

Some of the most successful book writers also set a limit on the word and for writing a book. The book writing words help in the differentiation of the kind of topics and diversions this book holds.

This makes the reader to rectify the proper count of words in the book. Which help in the rectification of the various kinds of topics in book writing. So it’s really important to be punctual towards book writing.

Write in a comfortable place

It just doesn’t make that which place you choose for writing a book. It must not be disturbing and also should help you in focusing on book writing.  The place must be different from the place where you do or perform the normal activities. The must be special so that it would constantly remind you about the commitment to finishing the book on time.

Get feedback

The book is writing that isn’t completed until you get the feedback from others about the book. So its really important to have someone to read your content or part of your book.

This someone can be anyone your friend, family or even your followers. While writing a book you just need to have an overview that you are working on the correct and constant path or not. So to make sure that you are writing a book worth buying you must find out the honest reviews of the audience.




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