10 Websites to read free books online

Best sites for reading free novel/fiction online

Nowadays, the internet has been one of the most important things in the world. In this vast growing world of digital media, we all want to read a thing on digital media. Thus nowadays the people are falling on a trend of reading e-books online.

We all know that ebook is one of the easiest and efficient ways of the reading a book. The e-books are also one of the most feasible options for the online customers. There are many authors who publish their book online as I have done with my book invisible girlfriend.

I was also confused while writing an invisible girlfriend. As I also wanted to check the response of the book online thus I had also uploaded the chapter of the book in some of the book reading website. Thus from that, I have get an overview of the response on the book. This has helped me to know about the liking of the book.

Being an author it’s really important to know about the response of the book. Thus most of the author search for the book websites. So being an experienced author. I would also suggest you some of the top websites. Which are really good for book reading and has been one finest for publishing books. 

10. 24Symbols

The famous 24 symbols is another new but high rate book website to get the publication of a book on your website. The 24Symbols is a website that can be connected to Facebook. A browser has been well organized and you can easily see the catalog well organized with the author, category, and language.

The panel is so friendly that right panel on the right shows the details of the book. Then you can start reading the book by clicking on the right-hand side red colored button.

9. Bookish

If you care about the user interface also loves pleasure book reading. Then you must consider bookish.   The service is having one of the best-looking interfaces. I have ever experienced.

Since it been designed as the user cloud bookshelf. There are not various kind of book available for the immediate reading process. The public domain title of the book can be browser from the dashboard.

8. Whattpad

Candian based whattpad is one of the most popular communities in the world. According to the famous research website. The whattpad receives a traffic of more than 2 million active users on the website.

This clearly shows the kind of user interface this website hold in terms of Readers interface. In whattpad every minute, more than 10,000 users have been connected with a storyline.  When you see your mother tongue you will see the book in the same language and the users who have selected the book

7. Scribd

This service has been often described as the youtube for documentation. There are millions of documents available on this website like comic, presentations and obviously books.

The website is having so much user-friendly interface that you will fall in love with it. The Scribd has got several options to embed your blog and website.  

Some days back the website was full with google ads and thus it has been difficult for the user to have an experience on the website.

One of the best thing about the website is that it is when you open a book. It only has all the book content leaving all the distracting book elements.

6. Blurb

Blurb has been rated as one of the best top rated self-publishing websites online.  This is a kind of website in which you can find a lot of designed and very well designed Ebook.

Very often the blurb show the online content which helps the authors to earn an income online. The website has been focused on the showcasing the beautiful design books.  Thus the reader interface of the website has been designed for this purpose.

I would recommend you to read the book on the full-screen mode. This would help you browse the book page by page and quickly jump onto the interesting preview on the thumbnail.

5. Smashwords

I have been a huge fan of Smashwords. The Smashwords is one of the biggest websites with E-book of independent author and publisher from all over the world.  There are around 300,000 publications with more than 100,000 authors.

Many of the Smashwords books have been sold in some of the biggest E-commerce website and bookselling websites.

If you are the publisher of the book Smashwords. You can be sure that you must read a free sample On the browser website.

4. Google Ebook

There is a huge collection of the book in google that can be viewed and reviewed. There are some of the books that Google has turned into a viewable file online. The homepage of the famous google books is actually a search box. Moreover, you can also check the google play store for the online books.

There are two option on the google books

Read a free sample

Read a full content

The preview part of the book doesn’t necessary to have the first part of the book.

Let say the author wants the reader to read only the 20% of the book. Then in this, the user can switch the page and read only the 20% offered by the author from the book.

You will be the preview of the book until you the reach the full limit of free pages set by the publisher.

3. Open library

The open library is one of the best open book reading tool online site.  The site is actually more focused on collecting the library records.

Its goal is to create one web page for the book ever published. On a single page book, you will find a single book.

Thus the site claims to have more than 6 million authors and 20 million books online.

2. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has been founded in 1996. It has been a nonprofit organization offering a huge amount of access to the digital content.  Some of the digital content has been books, images, videos and audio files.

The catalog has included more than 6000,000 fully accessible e-books and other text files.  You can easily use the list of result which would be resulted in normal texts. You can easily sort the results by the relevance, rating download count and the date of adding the item.

The online viewers present the scanned pages of the book. Which adds an extra flavor to the reading. Just keep one thing in mind while surfing the website is that the content of the book is fully searchable let not the scan misleads. All found instance has been marked in the bottom bar.

1.Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the godfather of all ebook websites. The Project Gutenberg is a website started in 1971 when the first ebook was created “ Declaration of independence of united states of America”.  

There are many sites that offer free ebooks from the public domain use title. Which has been originally uploaded by the Project Gutenberg.

Currently, the website holds more than  45000 public domains books in the catalog.  


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